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Interlake Sailplan

Celebrating 75 years of Interlake Sailing
JULY 25 - 28
Sandusky Sailing Club

Women / Juniors July 25
Championship / Challengers July 26-28
ISCA Annual Meeting July 26
Alumni Night July 27
Banquet July 28


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headshot of Kevin BracyWelcome!
The members of Fleet #1 and Sandusky Sailing Club are excited to be hosting the 2007 Interlake Nationals. We’re looking forward to Interlakers from across the mid-west and the east coast join us in the festivities that are the Interlake Nationals.

75 years ago, a group of sailors in Sandusky decided that they wanted a boat that would be easy to sail, family friendly, and affordable.  They looked at the boats of the time and decided that nothing quite fit what they had in mind, so they engaged the legendary Francis Sweisguth, designer of the renowned Star. The result was the Interlake.

Since then, the boat has gone through relatively few changes in basic design other than moving from a primarily wood construction to fiberglass materials. Regardless of materials, the distinctive shape and sailing form of the Interlake have been maintained through the years and have brought great enjoyment to family cruisers and racers alike for decades.

For those not participating in the racing, Sandusky offers a wide variety of activities. Several Lake Erie beaches are easily reachable, a number of water parks offer a splashing good time, downtown Sandusky has a variety of shops, and you can’t miss the Cedar Point amusement park as it dominates the northern skyline.

Whether you choose to race or stay on shore, the Interlake tradition continues with the 2007 Interlake National Championships. There will be plenty of competitive racing, but the other hallmarks of the Interlake Sailing Class Association will also be taking place: good food and good fun!  Come, join us for the festivities and ensure that all Interlakers past and present attend Alumni Night on Friday, July 27 as we celebrate the ideals that were conceptualized 75 years ago.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Sandusky!

Kevin Bracy
2007 Interlake Nationals Chair

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Last year's (2006) results (PDF)

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